El Injerto 2021 Auction

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Auction overview

Lots: 34
Bidding starts: 22 Jun 2021 13:00:00 BST
Bidding Agreement

Auction Date & Time

22nd June 2021 @ 13:00pm London

Monday, June 22nd, 2021 

  • 05:00 am - Los Angeles
  • 08:00 am - New York
  • 13:00 pm - London
  • 15:00 pm - Riyadh
  • 20:00 pm - Shanghai
  • 21:00 pm - Tokyo
  • 21:00 pm - Seoul
  • 22:00 pm - Sydney

Lots in this auction

Lot Boxes Weight Term Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
EI01175lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$900.00MICRO MOCCA "PANTALEON" (Dry Process)
EI02-014300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA (Dry Process)
EI02-024300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA (Dry Process)
EI02-034300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA (Dry Process)
EI02-044300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA (Dry Process)
EI03-014300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00MALAWI RUBI GEISHA (Dry Process)
EI04-014300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00RED PACAMARA "PANDORA" (Dry Process)
EI04-024300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00RED PACAMARA "PANDORA" (Dry Process)
EI04-034300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00RED PACAMARA "PANDORA" (Dry Process)
EI04-044300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00RED PACAMARA "PANDORA" (Dry Process)
EI054266lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,192.00LEGENDARY GEISHA (ANAEROBIC - PROCESS)
EI062100lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$1,200.00MICRO MOCCA "PANTALEON" (Wet Process)
EI07-014300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Los Pinos" (Wet Process)
EI07-024300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Los Pinos" (Wet Process)
EI07-034300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Los Pinos" (Wet Process)
EI07-044300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Los Pinos" (Wet Process)
EI08-014300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Peña Blanca" (Wet Process)
EI08-024300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Peña Blanca" (Wet Process)
EI08-034300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Peña Blanca" (Wet Process)
EI08-044300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Peña Blanca" (Wet Process)
EI09-014300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Las Milpas" (Wet Process)
EI09-024300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Las Milpas" (Wet Process)
EI09-034300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00LEGENDARY GEISHA "Las Milpas" (Wet Process)
EI10-014300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva del Comendador"
EI10-024300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva del Comendador"
EI10-034300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva del Comendador"
EI10-044300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva del Comendador"
EI11-014300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva de la Familia"
EI11-024300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva de la Familia"
EI11-034300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva de la Familia"
EI11-044300lbs$0.50$10.00/lb$3,000.00RED PACAMARA PANDORA "Reserva de la Familia"
EI124300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00GOLDEN PACAMARA "Yellow Pacamara" (Washed process)
EI13-014300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00MALAWI RUBI GEISHA "Double Fermentation"
EI13-024300lbs$0.50$12.00/lb$3,600.00MALAWI RUBI GEISHA "Double Fermentation"
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