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Thank you to all of you who took part in the auction. Well done to all the winners.

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Coffee Lots that we had in this year's auction (exact quantities will be uploaded after dry milling, we dry mill the coffee until last minute for freshness):

Dry Process (Naturals)

  • Pantaleon Micro Mocca
  • Gesha Ruby (Malawi)
  • Pacamara Patagonia
  • Pacamara Palo Gordo

Wet Process (Washed)

  • Pantaleon Micro Mocca
  • Legendary Gesha
  • Gesha Ruby (Malawi)
  • Reserva del COMENDADOR - Pandora Pacamara
  • Reserva de la FAMILIA - Pandora Pacamara
  • Reserva de la FINCA - Pandora Pacamara

We did a final cupping to this lots do guarantee the quality on them to participate on the Auction. 

Auction Date:

We ran this on the 19th June, 2018 @ 2pm BST (London)

View Auction Results

Invest in our quality

This is where the best micro lots coming from El Injerto are offered to the most demanding coffee roasters and lovers around the world. These coffees have been specially selected since the seed, through a rigorous quality control process where we approve only the best ones for this project.

As the third generations of coffee growers, we're aware of our responsibility on producing the best coffee. This task is no commercial slogan, competition or goal; it has become our lifestyle and the guideline for the way we manage our relationships with workers and communities, and how we grow, harvest and select our coffee beans.

We believe that our respect for the land, history and tradition, strongly shapes our role as coffee producers, always seeking for sustainable practices where quality over quantity and people's development are main priorities.

It's not by chance that as a result of all the above, Finca El Injerto has become a reference on Guatemalan Coffee excellence, awarded seven times with Guatemala's Cup of Excellence.

Our origins

Finca El Injerto was founded in 1874 by Jesus Aguirre Panama. At first, our estate focused on crops like corn, beans, tobacco and sugar cane. It wasn’t until the year 1900 when coffee was begun to be grown and the estate name was changed to “El Injerto” after a zapote-like fruit that is found in the region.

More than 100 years and three generations after being founded, El Injerto has 245 hectares of coffee plantations: 70% bourbon variety and the remaining 30% distributed in coffee varieties like Catuai, Maragogype, Pacamara, Tekisic, Mocca and Gesha.


Finca El Injerto is located in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, 339km north of Guatemala City. A primary tropical forest surrounds the coffee plantation found at between 1,500 m. and 2,000 m. above sea level, with an average temperature between 18o and 22o Celsius.

The terrain is very diverse and mountainous, which has allowed us to mark off regions with different kinds of crops and ideal features for each type of coffee.


Finca El Injerto is actually managed by the third and fourth generation of the Aguirre family, who have completely focused the estate’s line of business towards the production, processing and marketing of high quality coffee both locally and internationally.

The current management’s tenacity, energy, vision and passion for hard work and (of course) coffee, has allowed El Injerto to be positioned worldwide as a synonym for quality, efficiency and sustainability. Our family tradition and commitment to excellence has led us to constantly seek for the best quality controls, production processes, and to prioritize environmental care and the quality of life of all our workers.