Lot EI01: Pantaleon Micro-Mocca (Dry Process)

Farm Name: El Injerto Estate

Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance and CARBON NEUTRAL

Coffee Name: Pantaleon - Micro Mocca

Lot #: EI01

Harvest date: January to March 2020

Variety: Mocca

History: It is unknown how the first seeds of Mocca arrived to El Injerto; there is a story that a traveler in his way to Mexico passed by El Injerto and gave Rogelio Aguirre (2nd Generation) the seeds as a gift many years ago. Thank you to the unknown traveler for giving us this gem!

This bean is so tiny that we needed to design and built special machinery to process it, but we stil need to do many of the sorting by hand because no machine will work with this size.

This tiny bean was cleaned previously on water tanks and then fermented and dried on african beds.

Process: Dry Process

Elevation: 1510 masl Avg. Temp: 15ºC to 28ºC

Rainfall: 1500 mm Average

Growing Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Owner/Exporter: El Injerto S.A.

Mill: El Injerto

Drying Method: African Beds

Cupping Notes: Because of the small size and small amount of mucilage this dry process coffee is very sublte with delicate and smooth notes of berries and fruit. We could say this is an introductory coffee for coffee lovers who are starting to enjoy natural or dry process coffees. 

Coffee and cupping details

Boxes: 4
Weight: 300 lbs
Cupping notes: This dry process coffee is very sublte with delicate and smooth notes of berries and fruit. An introductory coffee for lovers who are starting to enjoy dry process.
Harvest Date: January and February
Varietal: Mocca
  • Rainforest Alliance

Farm details

Farm Name: El Injerto S.A.
Farmer Name: Arturo Aguirre
District: La Libertad
Village: Huehuetenango
Farm Size: 250.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1500 - 1900
Average Rainfall: 2000mm
Processing Method: Dry Process
Drying Method: Green House/African beds
Mill: El Injerto S.A.


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