Lot EI13-02: MALAWI RUBI GEISHA "Double Fermentation"

Farm Name: El Injerto Estate

Certifications: CARBON NEUTRAL

Coffee Name: DOUBLE FERMENTATION - Malawi Geisha Rubi-

Lot #: EI13-02

Harvest date: March 28, 2021

Variety: Malawi Geisha

Brix: 20

History: The story of the Malawi Gesha Rubi is told in the other lots of this coffee above. Here I want to let you know how we came around this new process. We were experimenting with some ideas with a customer and friend from the middle east. We knew what we wanted to do but the logistic and the infraestructure that we had at the mill didn´t work out. We had inox tanks but we have them all the way down and then to bring back up the coffee was challenging and expensive.

At the end one of our managers had a brilliant idea to use the old "siphon" or big tank where we used to received the coffee years ago to separte the floaters. This tank was all the way in the top of our wet mill and the process could flow easily.

Process: The process of "double fermentation" is like this: We leave the coffee cherries fermenting in the big tank for 5 days with pulp and with out water. We cover the coffee to let in a very small amount of oxygen. After this time in the tank we take the cherries out and pass them through the depulping machines and then to the normal fermenting tanks. In here the coffee ferements for another 48hrs in parchment withoug water.

We then wash the beans and do our normal washing process with soaking for 24 hours under clean water.

After this we dry the coffee in patios that are under green house and some hours in guardiola dryers.

Altitude: 1890 masl

Avg. Temp: 13ºC to 26ºC

Rainfall: 1500 mm Average

Growing Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Owner/Exporter: El Injerto S.A.

Mill: El Injerto

Drying Method: African Beds in Green House

Coordinates N 15 ° 55 "69 '; W 91 ° 93" 65'

Lot Description

Reference Number:EI13-02
Opening Bid:$12.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.50
重量 :300 lbs
品種:Geisha Malawi
プロセス:Double Fermentation
Harvest:March 28, 2021
乾燥方法:Green House/African beds


Producer Name: Arturo Aguirre
Farm Name: El Injerto S.A.
Region: La Libertad
Town: Huehuetenango
Farm Size: 250.0 ha
Farm Location: 15.0, 91.0
Mill: El Injerto S.A.
農園標高: 1505 to 1900
Average Rainfall: 1500mm
  • CO2 Neutral


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