El Injerto Auction 2018

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Welcome to the 2018 Auction Site

This is where the best micro lots coming from El Injerto are offered to the most demanding coffee roasters and lovers around the world. These coffees have been specially selected since the seed, through a rigorous quality control process where we approve only the best ones for this project.

As the third generations of coffee growers, we're aware of our responsibility on producing the best coffee. This task is no commercial slogan, competition or goal; it has become our lifestyle and the guideline for the way we manage our relationships with workers and communities, and how we grow, harvest and select our coffee beans.

We believe that our respect for the land, history and tradition, strongly shapes our role as coffee producers, always seeking for sustainable practices where quality over quantity and people's development are main priorities.

It's not by chance that as a result of all the above, Finca El Injerto has become a reference on Guatemalan Coffee excellence, awarded seven times with Guatemala's Cup of Excellence.


  • This year's auction will run 19th June, 2018. 
  • Registration and Sample Purchase will be opening in Mid-April.
  • Samples kit cost will be the same as last year. 
  • The price of sample kit will remain the same as last year. 
  • Lots will be uploaded at the end of April after a final cupping and because this year was a late harvest. 
  • As in other areas of Central America, this year harvest was very low at El Injerto in quantity; due to hail rains and unexpected rains during harvest. We will have less coffee to auction this year. 
  • Samples will be of 200gr of each variety except the Moccas that will be of 125gr. 


NOTE: COFFEE LOT QUANTITIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! We dry mill the coffee until the last minute for freshness, so this could affect the final quantity of them. We will adjunt quantities after dry milling them some days before the Auction. This is an estimate from parchment to green coffee. 


Overall Auction Description



ロット 品種プロセスBags重量 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
EI01170lbs$0.50$109.00/lb$7,630.00Pantaleon Micro-Mocca (Dry Process)Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Oklao International Co,. Ltd. FINISHED
EI02-014300lbs$0.50$17.00/lb$5,100.00Geisha Ruby Malawi (Dry Process)Puff Coffee FINISHED
EI02-024300lbs$0.50$16.50/lb$4,950.00Geisha Ruby Malawi (Dry Process)Sanpin Coffee & Food Company FINISHED
EI02-034300lbs$0.50$16.50/lb$4,950.00Geisha Ruby Malawi (Dry Process)STRUT COFFEE FINISHED
EI02-043225lbs$0.50$16.55/lb$3,723.75Geisha Ruby Malawi (Dry Process)muse-cofe(Taiwan)喵思咖啡 FINISHED
EI03-014300lbs$0.25$15.50/lb$4,650.00Pacamara Palo Gordo (Dry Process)Latorre&Dutch Coffee, Fisher Coffee and Joker Coffee FINISHED
EI03-024300lbs$0.25$15.00/lb$4,500.00Pacamara Palo Gordo (Dry Process)Wataru for OGAWA COFFEE FINISHED
EI03-034300lbs$0.25$15.50/lb$4,650.00Pacamara Palo Gordo (Dry Process)Wataru for GOLPIE COFFEE FINISHED
EI04-014300lbs$0.25$56.25/lb$16,875.00Pacamara - Las Milpas - Patagonia (Dry Process)HARU International Corp / DOOWELL.豆威 FINISHED
EI04-024300lbs$0.25$56.50/lb$16,950.00Pacamara Las Milpas - Patagonia (Dry Process)Bean Brothers FINISHED
EI052150lbs$0.50$82.50/lb$12,375.00Pantaleon Micro-Mocca (Wet Process)M.I.Coffee Corp. FINISHED
EI06-014300lbs$0.50$31.00/lb$9,300.00Legendary Gesha (Wet Process)Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Oklao International Co,. Ltd & Cupping Spoon College(咖啡匙) FINISHED
EI06-024300lbs$0.50$31.01/lb$9,303.00Legendary Gesha (Wet Process)WATARU & CO., LTD. FINISHED
EI06-034300lbs$0.50$31.50/lb$9,450.00Legendary Gesha (Wet Process)George Howell Coffee Company FINISHED
EI06-044300lbs$0.50$31.51/lb$9,453.00Legendary Gesha (Wet Process)ErgosCoffee.com​ ​​(Taiwan) for Le BoBo FINISHED
EI06-054300lbs$0.50$31.51/lb$9,453.00Legendary Gesha (Wet Process)HARU International Corp FINISHED
EI06-064300lbs$0.50$32.00/lb$9,600.00Legendary Gesha (Wet Process)Puff Coffee FINISHED
EI07-014300lbs$0.50$69.00/lb$20,700.00Gesha Ruby (Washed)Puff Coffee FINISHED
EI08-014300lbs$0.25$20.10/lb$6,030.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva del ComendadorMomos Coffee, Blackup Coffee, In Earth Coffee, Mavis Coffee, Vuenus Coffee, SC Coffee FINISHED
EI08-024300lbs$0.25$20.25/lb$6,075.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva del ComendadorGeorge Howell Coffee Company FINISHED
EI08-034300lbs$0.25$20.00/lb$6,000.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva del ComendadorLI-MING Taiwan and Win City Coffee HK FINISHED
EI08-044300lbs$0.25$20.00/lb$6,000.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva del ComendadorHaaya Gourmet Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
EI08-054300lbs$0.25$19.80/lb$5,940.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva del ComendadorWataru for OGAWA COFFEE FINISHED
EI08-064300lbs$0.25$20.01/lb$6,003.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva del ComendadorErgosCoffee.com​ (Taiwan)​ for Jacky Lai CoffeeBullet and DOOWELL.豆威 FINISHED
EI09-014300lbs$0.25$18.00/lb$5,400.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FamiliaWATARU & CO., LTD. FINISHED
EI09-024300lbs$0.25$18.00/lb$5,400.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FamiliaCoffee Montage FINISHED
EI09-034300lbs$0.25$18.00/lb$5,400.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FamiliaBlue Bottle Coffee FINISHED
EI09-044300lbs$0.25$18.00/lb$5,400.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FamiliaLinking Coffee FINISHED
EI09-054300lbs$0.25$18.25/lb$5,475.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FamiliaWataru and CO,. LTD. FINISHED
EI09-064300lbs$0.25$18.50/lb$5,550.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FamiliaWataru and CO,. LTD. FINISHED
EI10-014300lbs$0.25$19.00/lb$5,700.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FincaElixr coffee FINISHED
EI10-024300lbs$0.25$19.25/lb$5,775.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FincaCollaborative Coffee Source FINISHED
EI10-034300lbs$0.25$18.50/lb$5,550.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FincaCollaborative Coffee Source FINISHED
EI10-044300lbs$0.25$19.25/lb$5,775.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FincaTASHIRO COFFEE FINISHED
EI10-054300lbs$0.25$21.75/lb$6,525.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la Fincacafetenango FINISHED
EI10-064300lbs$0.25$18.25/lb$5,475.00Pacamara Pandora - Reserva de la FincaKyokuto Fadie Corporation FINISHED