Lot EI06-A: Legendary Geisha "Los Pinos"

History: The seeds from the first plants we had at El Injerto came direclty from our friends at Hacienda La Esmeralda after a trip to Panama that Aguirre Sr. did. It was an honor for us to had this seeds and we treat them as they were: Royal Beans. That is why the name of Legendary Gesha after all its History.

Los Pinos is our highest region with coffee at El Injerto, the plants have adapted very well but unfortunately a hail rain affected their development on 2017.

Awards: Our Legendary Gesha won 1st Place at Cup of Excellence last year (2021) earning a Presidential Award.

This is a coffee that will give you one of the most geisha experience to your palate. The "Geishaness" in this coffee is at its best!

Lot Description

Reference Number:EI06-A
Opening Bid:$25.00/kg
入札単位 :$0.50
重量 :69 kgs
プロセス:Wet Process (Washed)
Harvest:April 03, 2022
Grade:Specialty AAA
Screen Size:16+
Boxes Size:**Boxes of 23kg each with 2 bags of 11.5kg inside
Location:Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Producer:El Injerto Estate
Plot:Los Pinos
Processing System:Washed
Storage:Parchment - El Injerto Warehouse

Coffee details

説明 :

Process: Peak Performance Process (P3). We call this to our exahustive process of hand sorting, separation and selection of the coffee beans through out the washed and dry mill.

Also includes, full fermentation for 48 hrs, soaking in clean water for 24hrs after washing and super slow drying. This enhances the flavors and increases the life time of the coffee!


Producer Name: Arturo Aguirre
Farm Name: El Injerto S.A.
Region: La Libertad
Town: Huehuetenango
Farm Size: 250.0 ha
Founding Year: 1874
Altitude Range: 1500 to 1900
Average Temperature: 13°C to 26°C°C
プロセス方法: Wet and Dry Process
Location: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Washing Station: El Injerto
Washing Station Manager: Roberto Cardona
Mill: El Injerto
Soil PH Mean: 5,5
Water Source: Mountain
Energy Source: Water and Sun
農園標高: 1500 to 1900
Average Rainfall: 2000mm
Humidity: 50%
  • CO2 Neutral

Producer Story:

Jesús Aguirre Panamá was the first owner of this farm, which he acquired during the year 1874. He started planting sugarcane to produce crystallized sugar known as “panela” (brown sugar loaf), corn, beans, and tobacco. Around 1900 he started the planting and production of COFFEE, and called the farm EL INJERTO, as ‘injerto’ is the name of a native fruit from the area.

Today the farm is managed by the third and fourth generation of the Aguirre family, who has worked the farm since 1956, when production was approximately three hundred (300) bags of parchment coffee. Now they work with a great team and with the same mission, to produce specialty coffee; maintaining agricultural practices friendly to the environment and focusing in entrepreneurial social responsibility to achieve a new farm management manner, economically viable for all parties involved.

After all this years they have specialized in producing high quality coffee. To be able to do this they have invested a lot in investigation, technology and education.

Ubicada en los Altos de Huehuetenango cerca de la famosa Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, las plantaciones de la finca van desde los 1500 msnm (metros sobre el nivel del mar) hasta los 1920 msnm donde se siembran las variedades más delicadas y exóticas. El Injerto tiene un suelo rico en minerales, no volcánico, una precipitación promedio de 1600mm y una temperatura de 22ºC resultando en uno de los mejores microclimas para producir Café Especial.

El Injerto transmite con sus cafés la expresión más honesta de su terruño caracterizado por los atributos de clima y suelo de la localidad. El respeto y el aprendizaje del lugar de origen de nuestras variedades son las premisas que orientan los procesos de nuestros cafés.

Toda la plantación está bajo sombra utilizando diferentes variedades de árboles (Inga spp.; Gravillea robusta y Macadamia integrifolia) y copas.


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