Lot EI03-02: Pacamara Pandora (Dry Process)

Farm Name: El Injerto Estate

Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance and CARBON NEUTRAL

Coffee Name: PANDORA Pacamara Dry Process

Lot #: EI03-02

Harvest date: MARCH 14, 2019


Our Award Winning Pacamara now in Dry Process. This Pandora region has produced the most awarded coffee in history of COE! You have to try it Natural!

Process: DRY PROCESS or also called NATURAL process. These well-selected beans are cleaned up in water tanks before drying them in patios for 3 to 5 days (depeding on the weather) then in Guardiola driers at low temperatures 72 hours approximately.

We have learned that this drying method helps to concentrate the fruit flavors of the dry or natural process in every variety, highlighting the notes or characteristics of each varietys.

Elevation: 1640 masl Avg.

Temp: 13ºC to 26ºC

Rainfall: 1500 mm Average

Growing Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Owner/Exporter: El Injerto S.A.

Mill: El Injerto

Drying Method: Mixed Method (patios, dryers).

Lot Description

Reference Number:EI03-02
Opening Bid:$12.00/lb
Weight:300 lbs
Process:Dry Process
Harvest:2019-03-13 00:00:00
Drying Method:Green House/African beds

Coffee details


Cupping Notes: A sweet fragrance, with notes of chocolate and caramel combined with the traditional fruity essence. In the flavor notes of brown sugar, berries, plum and ripe grapes. Very complex and balance coffee.

Farm details

Producer Name: Arturo Aguirre
Farm Name: El Injerto S.A.
Region: La Libertad
Town: Huehuetenango
Farm Size: 250.0 ha
Farm Location: 15.567, -92.017
Mill: El Injerto S.A.
Average Rainfall: 2000
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • CO2 Neutral

Producer Story:

4th generation family owned Estate Coffee Farm with a mission to produce high end coffees respecting the environment and making people happy!

Other info

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